Multicore Fibers, What kind of Splicing Machine needed?

Multicore Fibers, What kind of Splicing Machine needed?

  • 2022-01-21

Optical fiber, which is made of plastic or glass, can transmit light, and transmits data signals by using the transmission principle of "total reflection of light". Light itself is an electromagnetic wave, but the frequency of this electromagnetic wave is relatively high (which means the wavelength is very short), but it cannot reach the strong penetrating power of electromagnetic waves with extremely short wavelengths such as X-rays, gamma rays, etc. lead series). Therefore, a very thin reflective layer can be used for almost complete reflection, which can greatly reduce the signal loss during transmission.

A typical optical fiber consists of a core and cladding surrounding it. But multi-core fibers have multiple cores in a common cladding region. By adopting the refractive index profile structure of the fluorine-doped cladding, long-distance and low-crosstalk space-division multiplexing optical signal transmission can be realized.


Multicore fiber is a more cutting-edge attempt. The multi-core optical fiber based on the concept of space division multiplexing can transmit multiple optical signals simultaneously in one optical fiber, which can greatly improve the communication capacity and break through the current transmission capacity limit of ordinary single-mode fiber. With the development of space division multiplexing related technologies and the development of multi-core fiber sensing technology, multi-core fiber will be an important fiber development direction in the future. Multi-core fibers and fiber coatings with specific crosstalk levels can be customized to fully meet the wide application of multi-core fibers in communication, sensing, industry, medical and other fields.

In the future, the expansion of optical communication will be difficult. The industry-recognized technical solution to increase the capacity of a single fiber is to use space division multiplexing technology. Multi-core fiber, multi-mode fiber or multi-core multi-mode fiber is the inevitable development trend of optical fiber communication transmission. Establishing a huge multi-core fiber multi-channel multiplexing system and splicing dissimilar species, especially multi-core fibers with different core spacings, is an unavoidable technical bottleneck problem at present.

The advantages of multi-core fiber:

Multi-core fiber can effectively improve the spatial density of fiber

Greatly increase the communication capacity and break the capacity limit


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